His Airness



Michael Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk

Dear Michael Jordan,

I come bearing a letter of general thoughts concerning basketball, my of favorite sport, the sport which you so dominated in your time.

Basketball has become a global game. Second only to soccer, basketball is played in the most countries around the world. First off,  it doesn’t take much equipment to play basketball. A ball and a public hoop; a wire hanger bent and hooked onto a closet door plus a few rolled up socks and you’re “playing basketball”. The sport is accessible.

In your time, you helped plant the seeds for basketball to become a global game. Through the hard work of the NBA and coaches across the globe it has fully come to fruition in recent years. The most dominate franchise of the last decade (whom I will not name) has been lead by 3 foreign born players. And just last week, Dirk Nowitzki, who you are on record saying would have excelled in your era just as he does today, became the number 9 all-time leading scorer in NBA history. Now kids all over the world have NBA superstars to aspire to, from China to Israel, Argentina to Puerto Rico.

Its an American cultural export that I’m proud to be a part of. And as hard as the NFL may try, I have no expectation that it will ever be widely played outside of the USA (even in England).

Hope to hear some more inflammatory comments on the state of the NBA from you soon.

PS: Thanks for the great years at Jordan Flight School.


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