I’m Looking Through You

Dear Dallas Police Chief David Brown,

It’s been a year of heavy scrutiny for police officers everywhere. Even pre-Michael Brown, there has been mounting pressure for more accountability for officers’ actions here in Dallas. One proposed measure is to mount a body camera on every officer’s uniform. How do you think a body camera might have changed this Michael Brown situation?

I do appreciate the efforts from the police department to become more transparent. The new searchable crime website shows me that a suspect was shot at and missed on the street behind me last year (and the SWAT team eventually got him after a standoff). Good to know, I think.

All jest aside, it’s nice that DPD is being proactive about being more transparent and building it’s relationship with the citizens. Here’s a song in honor of that:

PS: If I somehow become a police officer one day, how do get the assignment of riding a bike around White Rock Lake all day?


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