Reasonably Not Crazy

Dear Dana McClendon,

You seem like a straight shooter Dana. Not because you’re a well documented gun advocate, but because you so boldly dissected the murky and often complex task of dating. People (who can’t take a joke) are calling you a misogynist or worse for your viral and hilarious video on finding the right woman. That rating a person (woman in this case) on a 1-10 scale is inherently sexist. Well is it sexist for a women to rate men the same way? Have any men voiced their offense at your Cute/Money axis?

As a divorce and family lawyer I will defer to your authority on this subject. I’m sure you deal with people over the crazy line every day. They might have benefited from your graph. Have you ever considered that producing this video may lead to longer, happier marriages and possibly less clients for yourself? Don’t run yourself out of business, those crazy ones are your meal ticket. Conversely, you could be the guy who single-handedly reduces the number of marriages ending in divorce. Congratulations!

PS: One minor amendment: Girls named Victoria need to be added to the Danger Zone and are to be avoided as well.


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