Monthly Archives: January 2017

Trump Me Once…

Donald Trump Flag

Dear President-Elect Trump,

I have a feeling this wasn’t the plan, but here we are. You got a little carried away with being in front of the camera and woke up the President-elect of the United States of America. Welcome to the most difficult job in existence. The only job where your actions literally affect every living creature on the planet, from sea plankton floating in the Arctic Ocean to the approximately 10,000 American babies who take their first breath tomorrow under a Donald Trump presidency.

That is a lot of responsibility. Are you up to the challenge? I have my doubts, but I hope you prove me wrong. I really do. That would be an even bigger surprise than you winning the election in the first place. But I’m not here to call you names or tell you how unqualified you are for this job. You’ve been hearing that for two years now and will continue to hear it for four more. I think it’s part of what has motivated you up to this point. Just to say that you did it your way and screw everyone for doubting me. But now that the beast has been slain, from where will you draw your motivation? Will it come from genuine concern for our country? Genuine hope? Will it be from anywhere beyond your own ego or self-interest?

Caring more for something beyond yourself is the most honorable thing a person can do. It can also be the hardest. So I’ll ask again. Are you up to this challenge? There are still a few hours left to do some soul searching and decide this hard work thing just isn’t for you. Before anyone gets hurt. Before any permanent damage is done.

P.S. Have you ever read the U.S. Constitution in its entirety? Great read, I highly recommend it.