The Guy Who Stops to Ask Why


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Dear Tim Urban,

Wait But Why inspires me. Every time I finish reading a blog post, I come away with a new tiny glimmer of hope that we can positively affect/change ourselves, our personal future, our perception of the world, and even the world beyond ourselves. Your content tackles huge concepts with a simple ease, which as a writer and fellow “sometimes” blogger, I know the process is anything but easy. Your commitment to the topics shines through your work and I have the utmost respect for what you create.

Now that I’ve professed my love to your blog (glad that’s out of the way), here are some favorite posts I would like to share my thought on.

You Life in Weeks / 100 Blocks a Day

Get up, go to work, cook dinner, make time to exercise, watch some Netflix, get 7ish hours of sleep and do it again. It is easy to hit cruise control and look up a month, or year later. The finite time we all have, the reality of our mortality, can be a frightening concept. It’s not something we are apt to think about often.

Breaking an entire lifetime into 1-week little boxes that all fit on one page is a great way to quantify this huge concept. Or, to show an entire waking day as 100, 10 minute boxes. That’s all you get! Time really is the most precious commodity and life is ultimately defined by how one chose to “fill our little boxes.” The perspective is sobering and refreshing. (This post filled at least 4 of my 100 boxes today.)

How are you filling your boxes these days?  

How Tesla Will Change the World

Before I read the Tesla post (and the entire Musk series), I was 99% sure the environment was doomed. Now I am slightly less certain, perhaps 95% sure, which is a major improvement from “totally screwed.” The next car I own will be electric, I will make sure of that. I am less sold on Musk’s ambitions with Space X and Hyperloop, but I’m glad someone is pushing the envelope.

Since writing the post in 2015, what are you thoughts on the state of Tesla?

Why Sports Fans are Sports Fans

This was actually the first WBW article I ever came across. Now that I know the site well, I see it’s a playful one, but it still keys into some fundamental human truths. Everyone wants to feel connected to something larger than themselves. People crave emotional stimulation. The emotional highs and lows that sports provide as a player or spectator are authentic, real feelings, and that is valuable to the world. 

I assume you’re a sports fan. How are your teams doing?

Keep doing what you do Tim and tell Elon I said HEY!


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