My P1 Leader


Dear Craig “Junior/Junes/The Professor” Miller,

A few minutes into the job interview, I realized I was in the company of a fellow P1. I think my usage of “good dude” tipped him off. Always a good sign, I proudly declared that Junes is my P1 Leader and everything went well from there.

For those who know and love The Ticket, a person’s P1’s Leader says a lot about them. In some ways, it’s more revealing than any “So tell me a little about yourself” interview question. A few interests we share: cycling, adventurous traveling (RIP Anthony Bourdain) and maps. Yes, maps are freakin’ awesome.

The little station you helped start is one of the best things about DFW. For me, the warm hum of 1310 (I’m nostalgic for the AM side too) in the background of my daily life is the comforting sound of being in my hometown.

To wrap up this rambling letter, keep the rubber side down as you navigate the mean streets of Dallas on your bike. Hopefully our paths cross riding around White Rock Lake!


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